L.Petrioli   -   PRODEMOG 3.0

Downloading we suggest to save the directory on the computer, for example, as C:\PRODEMOG

This directory contains five sub-directories (Fert, Mort, Popul, Various, Output and the PRODEMOG.exe file showed on the side.

To install the program go on C:\PRODEMOG icon and drag and drop it on the desktop creating the connection.

After finishing these operations, it is advisable to restart the computer.


Sistem requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME,

2000, XP.









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Each program in this version of PRODEMOG contains several sample files for demonstration purposes.

You can create additional files by organizing data within the layout structure, being careful to follow the necessary spacing for the heading, labeling, and listing of data.

When you have made modifications or additions to the files furnished on the CD-ROM, it is advisable to re-name these files so that a new installation of the program will furnish the original files.

The data must be entered according to the layout and spacing as shown in the file examples in the manual, indicated in parenthesis on the last line in bold-faced italics.

For example, if the spaces are (1,5), (6,10), ., the first figures go in the first to the fifth column formed with five characters, while the next go in the sixth to the tenth column with five characters each, and so forth. We recommend, however, opening the directory PRODEMOG and choosing the option EDIT directly from the menu in order to observe the structure of the various data files that accompany each program, for example: PRODEMOG POPUL PROJECT EDIT MFCON.DOC

In the input phase, PRODEMOG works only with files where decimal numbers are separated with a point.

When new files are created, it is necessary to write complete numbers or decimal figures of the studied phenomenon, without adding additional punctuation (commas, colons, semi-colons, etc.).

An indispensable condition is, however, to write the decimal numbers with a period as separators, which can be indicated by selecting the correct option in "Control Panel>International definition>numbers>decimal separator" so that the decimal numbers of the files computed may also have a period as separator. (Obviously, the separation of decimal numbersin output data files may be adapted as occasion requires in the Control Panel of Windows or in Edit of MS-DOS).  

Moreover, it is necessary to be sure that there no zero values in the files created, or in the files obtained from the programs, which could interfere with the correct input of the data used in the program. Instead of zero it is sufficient to write 0.1, or positive values near the zero. It is necessary also to enter one or more code numbers carefully because if entered incorrectly, the program will indicate that an error has been made.

The data transferred by the software to output files can be used in EXCEL or similar software, using the normal procedures followed for ASCII or for non-formatted text.

For the estimation of various indexes (coefficient of determination r2 or R2 , ISC, etc), PRODEMOG works on data that has not been rounded. Therefore, the values of these indexes are less accurate if calculated on data that has been rounded.

In examining the results, you may note that the total of the printed data is slightly different from the the totals of certains lines or columns indicated in the tables. This is due to the rounding operation computed automatically by the program.

The codes of almost all the countries of the world are listed on Archives page.

If PRODEMOG becomes blocked (for example: when graphics are not shown on the monitor, or when data are not elaborated in a correct way due to errors in the data files entered, etc.), it is then advisable to exit Windows and restart the system.