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BR       =      Birth rate;

CON    =     Convexity of the life table by annual age-classes;

C(X)    =      Distribution of the stable population at age x;

DR       =     Death rate;

D(X)    =      Distribution of deaths from 100000 births;

EO       =      Expectation of life at birth; 

E(X)     =     Expectation of life at age x; 

H(X)    =      Fraction of the last interval of age lived; 

ID        =      Dependency ratio (P(65-)+P(0-14))/P(0-14) per 100

IV        =      Ageing ratio (P(65+)/P(0-14)) per 100

L(X)    =      Stationary population of the table at age x;

M(X)   =      Age specific death rate between exact age x and x+h;

Q(0)    =      Probability of dying in the first year of live; 

Q(X)    =     Probability of dying between exact age x and x+h; 

R(X)    =      Function of resistance at age x; 

S(X)    =      Survivors at exact age x; 

ST(X)  =      Stable population at age x; 

TA       =      Rate of population growth;  

TFR    =      Total fertility rate;  

XM     =       Age of maximum resistance R(x).