The following  archives contain a set of  files  which represent a broad  collection of  demographic data such as life-tables,

           fertility rates and censuses.  Demographic data are reported for countries and for their code.

           The data have been collected and classified by Luciano Petrioli.



Life tables  
Fertility rates  

With reference to the studies on mortality, three files are presented, that is: FLT.DAT, MLT.DAT and ULT.DAT which contain 1065 life-tables  for females, 1093 for males and 1048 for unisex, respectively.
Survivors are indicated for exact ages 0, 1, 5, 10, 15,...,80 and 85.
Life-tables are listed by continent and region; they refer to 225 countries, in

historical series from the year 1782 until the 2000.



The fertility data file, FXQ, contains 2513 distributions of quinquennial age specific fertility rates for almost all the countries of the world.
Fertility rates are reported by central age of each classes, that is: 12.5, 17.5, .... 42.5, 47.5 years of age.
There are also files which cover age-specific fertility rates distributed by continent and regions  
Two files contain several population censuses for annual age classes from zero up to 75 years of age.
The files reported 111 surveys deal with males, females, and both sexes together, realized for various countries of the world during different time periods.  

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