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atural fertility
age pattern of marital fertility observed in non-contraceptive populations where reproductive behavior is not affected by the number of children already born.
natural family planning methods
this term has been applied collectively to cover the rhythm method, the basal body temperature method, and other techniques which attempt to identify stages of the woman’s ovulatory cycle.
natural increase
number of births minus number of deaths during a year or other span of time.
In some cases, it may be negative.
neonatal mortality rate
annual number of deaths to infants under 28 days of life per 100000 live births during the year.
net reproduction rate (female)
is defined as the average number of live daughters that could be born to a hypotetical female cohort which would be subjected to a set of current age-specific fertility and mortality rates.
nuclear family
a nuclear family is one consisting of a couple and their children, if any.

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