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elderly population
persons above the old age, term frequently used to define the period of life during which most persons are retired.
endemic disease
is one that permanently affects substantial segments of a population, in contrast with an epidemic, which spreads and then disappears within a fairly short time; when it appears in a large number of countries, it is called pandemic.
expectation of life at age x
it is the average number of years of life for males and females if they continued to be subject to the same mortality experienced in the year (s) to which these life expectancies refer.
e(x) or E(x)
expectation of life at birth
represents the mean length of life of individuals who have been subjected since birth to the mortality of the considered life-table.
e(0) of E(0)
estended family
is one in which contains families within primary family. Son, daughters or other relatives of the head who reside, with their own spouse and/or children, in the household. These "families within families" often are called "sub-families".

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